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What is BIG Omaha?

BIG Omaha is a premier event that will give attendees the opportunity to learn from and connect with some of the nation’s top innovators and entrepreneurs.

Who should come to BIG Omaha?

Anyone who wants to be on the leading edge, expand their boundaries, better themselves, and meet fascinating new people should attend this event.

Why Omaha?

Omaha is home to four Fortune 500 headquarters, numerous top ten rankings in national publications, and some 15,000 millionaires many of whom took the advice of the world’s richest man, ┬áMr. Warren Buffett, who also calls Omaha his home.

Besides the statistics, Omaha is also home to a thriving arts & cultural scene include the Saddle Creek Records label, Kaneko and Bemis art galleries, the independent movie theater Filmstreams and a list of other businesses, activities and events all formed and impacted in one way or another by Omaha’s emerging visionaries and innovators.

In the end, we want to bring people to Omaha to share our community and excitement with the country.